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Sewer Line Repairs

Cured-In-Place-Pipe Lining (CIPP)


The CIPP lining is technology driven sewer line solution. Additionally, it is by far simpler, faster, and cheaper than the traditional dig and replace repair method. It involves the installing a new sewer line inside the existing sewer line, thereby solving the leakage problem but at the same time keeping the cost of the project quite low since there is no excavation involved. With the exception of the entry and end point of the sewer line.

This method involves installing an epoxy saturated lining through the prepared drain line. Through the access point, the flexible lining is fed into the sewer line all the way up to the main sewer line connection.The inner lining is left to sure, thus forming a hard, impermeable lining that repairs seal of any leak. However, owing to the fact that the lining is installed inside the pipe, the interior diameter will reduce a bit. However, this does not affect the flow rate along the line.


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